we’re only gonna get to practice for like 2 hours today, and one guitarist / our bassist can’t make it. being in a band is fun but also really frustrating -especially when you have to drive an hour to and from practice. 

57,955 plays


Pizza place opened in town. It’s pretty good, too. So stoked that I can get good pizza from a local business now. :3

tha best vegan chili of my life - except i put real cheese in it, so it’s not completely vegan. 

A few months ago, one of my good friends started dating one of my exes. It was totally chill because, for me, that chapter was - and will always be - completely closed. They broke up recently, and she’s been giving me weird vibes. Just brushed it off ‘cause, like I said the other night, I’m not about that at all. Well, she’s going to be at my cousin’s birthday party this weekend. I’m really close to flaking out. I love my friend, and I certainly don’t want to add any further emotional injury by even assisting to a scenario in which he would have to picture something like that happening. That’s not the kind of person I want to be. It might be lame of me to flake out of a party, and I’m sure that it’s only adding to my avoidance of socialization. However, I have this overwhelming since of loyalty to people who helped me through everything that I went through this year.